September 2018 – Rebuilding two historic pianos

P1080912 BIn addition to tuning and repairing pianos all over Vancouver Island, I also have a busy piano technician supply business.  Through this business, I have come to know thousands of top-notch piano technicians all over the world.  This includes my friends and colleagues at Erwin’s Piano Restoration, in Modesto, California.

A long-time dream of mine is to rebuild and restore two of my historic pianos.  They are unique instruments that I brought from Europe many years ago.  The first is an 1872 Ed.Westermayer piano, a 6 foot grand piano in a rosewood case.  Although this name is not well known, this is a revolutionary piano in it’s design and it’s engineering, which was well ahead of it’s time. 
The second instrument is a 1920’s Popper player piano.  This piano comes with a complete “orchestrian”, which is a whole group of instruments in a box on top of the piano, which also play off the player piano rolls. 

This September I had the great priviledge of going to Modesto to work at rebuilding these instruments with my colleagues at Eriwn’s piano.  I was there for about 10 days, and it was a dream come true to be focusing all my energy, training, and experience on these beautiful instruments.  I thank my good friends for letting me work with them in one of the best piano rebuilding shops in the United States.
Dale at Yosemite
We even managed to get away for a day at Yosemite National Park on the weekend.  Here’s a picture of Dale Erwin and myself enjoying the views!