Autumn 2021: Yellowknife, NWT, Piano Tuning and Repairs – Introducing your new technician

I have been travelling north for 20 years of annual piano servicing to Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. I have made incredible connections with clients and artists there, and have had many memorable experiences. (See my article “Tuning North of 60 degrees latitude”). This year however, I have decided to pass on the torch to another (younger!) piano technician who will be taking over this wonderful opportunity.

As of Autumn 2021, Samuel Yamamoto, from Lethbridge Alberta, will be the new visiting piano technician for Yellowknife. He is an experienced technician, and an interesting guy! Please check out his website at: https: and contact him for future piano work in Yellowknife.

I want to sincerely thank all my clients and friends that I have known over the years in that lovely northern town. I hope to keep in touch, and wish you all the best!