Fall 2022 – Piano Forte Service moving to part-time piano tuning and repairs – book early!

I have decided to scale back my piano tuning and repair availability to enable me to move towards part-time retirement. I will still be tuning and servicing pianos throughout the mid-Vancouver Island region, but I will only be booking in tunings two (2) days per week. Please contact me VERY early if you wish to have your piano tuned by a particular date, or for a particular event. Generally, I will be booking appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays through fall 2022.

I am also happy to announce the sale of my piano technician supply business (Piano Forte Supply.) I have spent 18 years selling top-quality piano tools and supplies to thousands of piano technicians all over the world. I found this work to be a constant learning experience, creating strong friendships and relationships with colleagues all over the world…and it was incredibly rewarding, although a lot of work! I have now passed on the business to a skilled team of piano technicians in Modesto, California.

Don’t worry…in “semi-retirement”, I won’t be less busy than before! I have a host of my own rare, unique, and historical instruments that I want to re-build and re-finish…some of which have been waiting 30 years for me to have more time! On to new things….!