August 2018 – Piano Technician Seminar in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

I have benefited from extensive piano technology training and I have 35 years of professional piano technician experience, but I am still a strong advocate of professional development for myself and all my colleagues.  Piano technology is a discipline of life long study and improvement.  I have attended many educational events, and also organize and teach at such events. It’s a vital way to hone our skills, share our knowledge, and strengthen colleagiality among piano technicians. 

busby-tuningThis summer, I helped organize a piano technician professional development seminar held in Nanaimo on August 25th. We invited Jim Busby, a top-notch piano technician from Utah.  Jim has been the concert technician for Brigham Young University, and has taught at regional and national Piano Technician Congresses, among other things.

Using hands-on demonstrations, Jim took us through the steps of thorough regulation and fine voicing that are required to bring an instrument to concert level.  We had 22 piano technicians attend, from all over Vancouver Island, Vancouver, and central British Columbia.   A great day was had by all!

Thanks to the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians’ and the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Piano Tecnician’s Guild for sponsoring this event.  Thanks also to all the organizers and Vancouver Island University for allowing us to host the event there, and to use their Steinway Grand Piano.