Interesting Piano Tuned in Ladysmith BC

My recent call to tune a Heintzman piano in Ladysmith held an interesting surprise. The old piano turned out to be Grand Old Dame from the golden years of Heintzman’s production. Built in Toronto just prior to 1920, this piano was truly one of this prestigious firm’s top of the line verticals. Perhaps you need to be an aficionado of piano technical detail such as myself to appreciate the finer features in a piano action, but I was impressed by full sostenuto, the tubular metal let-off rail (a la Steinway) and the solid steel action rail.

Onwards to Chemainus and Duncan

Heintzman details

Heintzman action details

After this tuning, my piano service itinerary took me in the direction of Duncan, past Chemainus to Zak Cohen’s Woodshop Recording Studio. Tucked away on a country road is one of Vancouver Islands best kept secrets in the recording industry. The upright piano I tuned there is perfectly suited for recording folk, country, blues and other roots music.