Tuning the Piano for Stuart Maclean’s Vinyl Café in Nanaimo

Everyone loves Stuart Maclean, how could you not? An out-of-town friend recently called me up and literally yelled into the phone: “I am just reading Stuart Maclean’s book “The Vinyl Café Notebooks”, and did you know he mentions you by name in there?!”

“Oh, yeah, I know that”,I responded casually, “I have Stuart’s cell phone number here somewhere – do you want it?” There was a thud at the other end of the line as my friend collapsed.

Piano Tuning for Stuart Maclean at the Port Theatre

Truth be told, I was quite excited to be able to tune the mclean_notebooks.aapiano for the Vinyl Café when he brought his show to Nanaimo. I left a little note for Stuart on the piano when I was finished. At the show, he read it out to the audience, and paid tribute to all piano tuners across the land who work hard behind the scenes to ensure that concerts and performances go off harmoniously and without technical problems.

I was really tickled some time later when I received a phone call from Stuart himself. He said he wanted to include that story in his book, and asked me if I was OK with that and confirmed the spelling of my name. I wondered if he had perhaps thrown away my business card… I graciously granted my permission to appear in one of his stories. And the rest is now history. Here is what Stuart writes in Vinyl Cafe Notebooks:

“We arrived at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo last month to find a note from piano tuner Jürgen Goering waiting for us on the piano bench.
Welcome back to Vancouver Island, read his note. You know you are on the west coast when the piano technician comes in by rowboat to tune for your show.”

You’re welcome, Stuart. Any time.