April 2019 – Piano Tuning and Servicing in Yellowknife, NWT

Once again, I’m off to the Canadian North to tune and repair pianos from April 11th – 19th, 2019. I’ll be leaving sunny warm Vancouver Island and flying up to Yellowknife, North West Territories…where they’re still struggling with the end of winter. That being said, I’ve been tuning and repairing pianos up there for years, and I always get a warm welcome from my regular clientelle. And I get more requests for piano work than I can handle in the time I’m there! If you live in Yellowknife and would like to be on my regular piano tuning list, please contact me for future trips.

Spring is coming, even in the North West Territories!

If you are on beautiful Vancouver Island, it’s recommended that you also book early…as spring is a very busy time for piano tuning, and it’s hard to fit everyone in. I’ll be tuning and repairing pianos from April 23rd until May 17th, and then I will have a few weeks break for travel and conferences. Don’t hesitate to book now: info@painoforteservice.com or 250-754-2440.