Spring 2020 – COVID shutdown, piano tuning and repairs postponed

It’s been a very different spring, with the world-wide pandemic of the Corona Virus affecting most of Canada in some way or another.  Currently, Piano Forte Service has “paused” all piano tuning and servicing here on Vancouver Island, as we take safety precautions not to go into clients homes or other public spaces. Thankfully, I have an interesting and varied business with pianos, and another part of my business is importing specialty piano parts, tools, felts, and supplies and supplying them to piano technicians all over the world.  So I am lucky to be able to work from home and connect with my piano colleagues in different ways each day. 

This spring I am sorry to not be able to connect with my long time piano tuning clients and help create a bit more harmony in the world!  I will also be foregoing my spring trip to Yellowknife, in the NorthWest Territories, where I have been tuning pianos for more than 20 years.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying renovating a large space into a shop and piano “workshop”, so I’ll always have a space in which to play.  I have a few very unique and historic pianos of my own that I have also been dreaming of rebuilding…

We are also so blessed to live in a beautiful area of the world, were I can take my little row boat out in the islands to see the wonderful wildflowers. Here’s a couple of shots from the Winchelsea Islands, early May 2020.

To all my piano tuning clients, old and new, please stay safe and healthy this year and I’ll see you when the tuning starts up again…Jurgen Goering