Servicing and Repairing the Nanaimo City Piano

A call from the City of Nanaimo alerted me: Piano Emergency!

This summer, Nanaimo has a public piano downtown for the everyone to play and enjoy.
Fittingly, the location chosen was in the Diana Krall Plaza, named for Nanaimo’s famous jazz pianist and singer.

But after only a few weeks in the open air, keys were sticking and notes were not working properly.  Complaints were coming in to City Hall.  City Hall contacted me at Piano Forte Service.  Two hours after receiving the call, I was on site, happily donating my time to tighten flange screws, re-seat action springs, adjust key pins, regulate the let-off and generally trying to make things work as well as possible on this little old grand dame.

Finishing off with playing a few tunes, I even got a compliment from a passer-by:  “I could hear the piano all the way down the street.  I am so glad the City took the initiative to place the piano here!”

Jurgen Goering repairs Nanaimo's Public Piano

Jurgen Goering repairs Nanaimo’s Public Piano

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