December 2016 – Rare and unusual piano is a winter gift in Nanaimo

xmas-ballsWarmest winter wishes to all my piano tuning clients here in Nanaimo, and throughout Vancouver Island!  We are barreling towards the holiday season, and it is evident by looking at my piano tuning schedule which is almost completely full for December.  As always, I’m pleased to tune and repair pianos for private clients, schools, choirs, and more…but the high demand at this time of year makes it imperative that you book early.  I look forward to helping you create harmony for the holidays!

I have had the luck to come across a rare and unusual piano here inp1040092 Nanaimo, which seems like an early Christmas gift to me.  I had a phone call from someone who knew of a house that was being demolished, and told me there was a piano inside that might be interesting to me.  At the sound of the name “Bechstein”, one of my favorite German piano makers, I immediately made a point of going to see the piano, and then moving it to my workshop.

As it turns out, this piano was built in Germany in 1909 for export to Britain, and from there to be sent to one of the southern British colonies.  At that point they knew that in hot, humid, tropical areas any type of glue p1040098that was on a piano would eventually fail, and the joints would come apart.  So anything that would normally be glued together on a regular piano was also screwed or sewn down on this particular model.  This includes key tops screwed on, and little holes drilled in all the interior woodwork and each individual piece of felt (of which there are hundreds) hand-sewn to the wood.  This is an incredible amount of p1040221extra work and detail for a piano of this era, and there would only be a limited number made like this. 

The piano would not look too assuming to the average person, but to a piano technician it is a gem of a gift!  What fun.