Effectiveness of Piattino Caster Cups in reducing piano sound

One person’s music is another person’s noise

The following email  arrived in April, 2013 from a client who had run into difficulties with a downstairs neighbor over complaints that her piano playing were disturbing his peace.

Good afternoon:
I have been waiting to tell you about the success of the casters because it has taken this long for the officials here to set up a time for a “test-drive.”  It involved coordinating four people.
We believe they are almost a perfect success. The person who played the piano while I went downstairs to listen is not a pianist and was afraid to play hard and loud (she thought she’d injure the piano!) but she did enough so that the building services rep and I could hear her but so faintly that I, at least (with hearing aids on!) had to strain. The building man had listened before we placed the casters and said it was a definite improvement but to me, the sound was virtually nil. And in the bedroom where my neighbor had the most complaint about the sound, we both heard nothing. He [the neighbor] has told me as well that he heard nothing this past two weeks  but I cannot tell if he’s around when I am practicing. There is, in fact, a rather small window. I do not play 24/7!
In any case, I believe they are wonderful. The building guy also investigated the problem on his own. He is not a musician and searched differently from me but he arrived at the same place — Piattino and you!
So please count me as a happy, satisfied customer. I am indeed very grateful to you for this invaluable help.
~ R.C.      [Chicago area]

About three months later, the same client wrote me:

“Dear Mr. Goering,
I want to reinforce my great appreciation to you regarding the caster cups.
The other day, my “problem” neighbor asked me if I had given up the piano! While I have pretty much quit playing after 9 pm and then, if at all, only very quiet pieces, he does not even hear me during the day as I wallop away on Schubert.
I am delighted beyond measure for this relief. I am writing to you again because I could [not] imagine my good fortune would continue, but clearly it has.
My gratitude is boundless.

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