Summer 2016 – Piano Tuning in Nanaimo, Hornby Island, Port Alberni and more!

August 2016:

Summer is a beautiful time to travel all over Vancouver Island.  As a piano technician, I am lucky to visit some of the most wonderful areas of the island while servicing and repairing pianos.  Summer sees me tuning pianos from Mill Bay to Shawinigan Lake, from Duncan to Qualicum. 

logo-with-white-background-116x96One of my favorite places to go for any reason is Hornby Island.  I am honored to be the piano technician for the Hornby Music Festival, whick takes place in August every year.  This year, I was tuning and preparing the concert grand piano for a classical solo piano concert by the Ukranian pianist Stanislav Khristenko.  He wowed the sold-out Hornby Hall audience with a performance of piano pieces from the Romantic Era. 

For more information on the Hornby Island Festival:

Another fun piano project in the summer is the street pianos available for public use.  This year, there were two pianos placed outdoors near the waterfront in Nanaimo.   Port Alberni also had a public waterfront piano this year, and I was happy to service and tune these pianos.  It’s a fun way to give back to the community, since many people love wandering by to play these pianos.  

Lastly, I was so lucky again to have a chance to visit Nuchatlitz, a magical area off the west coast IMG_0569of Vancouver Island near the northern tip of Nootka Island.  There is a man who has homesteaded out on an island in the middle of this stunning wilderness area, and he has a piano that he brought out there a number of years ago.  This was my second trip there…for more about this remote piano tuning adventure, see my story called “Adventures on the West Coast: Piano Tuning in Nuchatlitz” from four years ago. 

Happy Summer!